Chef Matt Hayden

Dayton Native

Matthew Hayden was born to Phillip and Carleen Hayden in 1971. As a result of being a “sick kid” Matt missed many days of school and spent a great deal of time with his mother. She taught him to cook and how to channel his creativity into other useful skills. Matthew’s father Phillip travelled the world extensively and introduced Matthew to the cultures, customs, and cuisines of many different countries. His father instilled in Matthew a strong work ethic, a sense of pride in his community, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Culinary Calling

Matthew’s culinary calling had not yet been realized when he earned his Psychology degree from Ohio University. Fresh out of school, he worked as a “smoke tester,” climbing smoke stacks and performing technical services for the EPA and local Engineering firms. In 1996 Matthew took his first great strides toward incorporating his creativity in his career when he became a studio musician. He performed numerous “strung instrument” tracks for local bands, culminating in the release of multiple, full-length musc projects.

Driven by his passionate creativity and the influence of his family, Matt finally found his calling in 1998 when Matthew, Phillip and Christopher Hayden formed Tasca Inc. Tasca purchased The Pourhaus tavern in Centerville, Ohio.  After many successful years of operation, Tasca Inc. went on to purchase the old TW’s building in historic downtown Miamisburg, where the company opened The Chimneys Inn Catering and Banquet Facility.

A New Beginning

After successfully operating The Chimneys for nearly 8 years, Matthew decided to venture out on his own and open his dream business: Scratch. Through event catering he is able to blend both his entrepreneurship and creativity, building a business to establish a better, more delicious Dayton.

In the short time since he founded Scratch, Matthew has gained a reputation in Dayton as a creative, forward-thinking chef and business-owner. He proudly offers his talents to his native city and devotes a great amount of time to his community. He serves in numerous non-profit capacities in Montgomery County as well as being a strong supporter of the local arts.

In 2012, Chef Hayden embarked on his most ambitious endeavor to date.  After being introduced to a newly formed charitable organization The Pink Ribbon Girls, Matthew began providing nutritional support to members of the organization on the difficult journey through breast cancer. After nearly a year of development,  Chef Matthew created a cutting edge model of nutrition that benefits cancer patients as well as reducing risk of numerous other lifestyle dependent diseases, most notably Type II Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. In the Spring of 2013, Matthew Hayden announced that he and his company, Scratch would be partnering with Miami Valley South to offer the same cutting edge nutritional services to their clients.

Matthew is optimistic for Dayton’s future and will continue to offer his talents and creativity to the city that gave him the opportunity to succeed.