Eating With Your Eyes – Food Presentation

Matt Hayden

Our clients would agree that Scratch Events has a passion for delicious, innovative food.  We use terms like “food forward”, “chef-centric” and “unforgettable” to describe our menus – and truth be told, the cuisine definitely comes first at Scratch Events. With nearly ten years of high volume, high visibility events under our belt, we have realized that food presentation is a close second to flavor. I would say equally important, but that would contradict my previous statement, and deem me a liar. As you might have already guessed, a chef is writing this blog

Tea Sandwich DisplayYears ago, when our company was composed entirely of chefs, it stands to reason that we would focus exclusively on the food, consistently making menus that far surpassed our clients expectations. There was a time when we were satisfied throwing our creations into a serving dish and waiting for the inevitable ooooo’s and ahhhh’s. Then food television and Instagram changed the way people wanted to see their food. “Food porn” became a phrase for a reason.

Food Presentation From Scratch

So, what is a beautiful presentation ? It depends on what you are trying to accomplish – for example, on a plated meal we strive for simplicity, balance and color – allowing the main ingredients to sing. We often stack elements to avoid a two dimensional, flat plate of food. For an appetizer buffet, we might lean towards exciting combinations of colors, textures and props to catch the eye. We also favor height, with foods being presented on different tiers to create a full sensory experience that invites you in and captivates you. We much prefer that your eyes are looking forward and around rather than down on a flat table.

Cheese Station #1
We have discovered that as food trends change, the way we present them changes as well. Your rustic themed wedding may not be the right fit for a classically plated dish. But take the same meal, put the sauce on the top, bring the potatoes and vegetables together on the side, and suddenly you have a rustic dish. And we won’t be using the good China, either. You may find it in a bowl, a lined basket, or something that fits your day.  

Fast forward to 2015: Scratch Events now boasts some of the region’s most professional event captains and event coordinators. With the input of these fanatical, guest-centric, color matching, fabric and bauble wielding decor devotees, we stubbornly acknowledged that there is another side to this coin. Beautiful presentation, who would have guessed!

Just let us know the theme you envisioned, and our staff will come up with the presentation that will impress your guests nearly as much as the food does. So, lets begin with the food.  To check out our amazing menus – CLICK HERE FOR FUN FOOD  –  CLICK HERE FOR SEXY FOOD.