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Matt Hayden


We are all at the mercy of circumstances that are out of our control.  BUSY LIVES combined with BAD FOOD options leaves us little choice but to COMPROMISE OUR DIET. Most folks, if given the opportunity, would eat better if tasty, healthy options were convenient and readily available. Meals from Scratch proudly announces that we are offering exactly that – a tasty, convenient, healthy option – PREPARED MEALS with a PURPOSE

Meals from Scratch was created in early 2012 with the goal of providing a better prepared meal than what existed in the grocery freezer. As it turned out, with fresh ingredients and a great chef, its not too tough 🙂 As you can imagine, the big names in the industry have given prepared meals a bad rap by putting out questionable meats with obscure fillers, boring carb-laden starches and barely a smattering of anything resembling a real vegetable. Meals from Scratch is not to be confused with the average “Frozen Dinner”

We are all aware of the impact of a compromised diet on our health.  In the last 20 years we have seen an epidemic of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  This is the direct result of high fat, high carb, sugar laden foods dominating our dining choices.  In reality, unless you research, shop and prepare your own meals, you will have a difficult time finding healthy options.


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Shortly after our first month in operation, we would meet our first and most important client. This client, who would eventually become nothing less than an all-in partner, filled us with inspiration and gave us purpose enough for a lifetime. The Pink Ribbon Girls charged us with the responsibility of feeding their members, a constantly growing group of individuals battling breast and female reproductive cancer. Meals from Scratch would help support these courageous individuals, giving them and their families convenient meals and nutritional support – allowing them to focus on getting through treatment without worrying about meals for themselves and their family. In early 2012, Meals from Scratch was preparing a dozen meals a week and supporting a handful of families.  Currently, we are shipping over 1,000 meals per week, supporting nearly 100 families at a time.

Meals from Scratch

The Pink Ribbon Girls. Live Sincerely !!

We’ve come a long way… Nowadays we work with dietitians and doctors with Kettering Health Network and Premier Health (Miami Valley Hospital).  Our meals are used by Bull Diabetes Center as well as KHN Cardiologists and numerous Assisted Living and Home Healthcare facilities.


Meals from Scratch prepares a slew of chef prepared meals, frozen for your convenience, ranging from comfort food classics such as our famous meatloaf, lasagna and chicken parmesan – all the way to a dozen meals that meet the dietary requirements of the American Diabetic Association, The American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.  We also prepare a number of Vegan Vegetarian meals to accommodate one of the healthiest diets in history.

Meals from Scratch are ideal for a number of circumstances, and lifestyles:

Busy Lifestyle
Healthy Living
Gluten Free
Low Carb
Low Sodium
Heart Healthy
Weight Loss
Senior Living


  1. Our chef prepared meals are packaged in single serving, dual ovenable containers (safe to cook in oven and microwave)
  2. We use only fresh (not canned or frozen) vegetables in our meals and avoid processed ingredients whenever possible
  3. Our meals are significantly larger than their store bought counterparts, often weighing as much as 12oz (versus 4-6oz)
  4. Our Heart Healthy / Diabetic Friendly meals have been approved by a registered dietician and meet the dietary guidelines set forth by the American Diabetic Association as well as the American Heart Association
  5. Our meals are created in a ODA approved kitchen, which means that our standards of kitchen hygiene are twice as stringent as a typical restaurant
  6. We produce unique monthly specials. If you would like to stay in the loop, join our monthly newsletter HERE

So whether you are too busy to cook, watching what you eat or have loved ones that could use assistance – we are HERE TO HELP with healthy, chef prepared meals.  To see our meals CLICK HERE To contact us CLICK HERE