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There are as many possible fundraisers as there are motivated individuals to raise money for their organizations, their schools, their churches and their programs. There are plenty of criteria to decide which fundraiser is a good fit:

  • Is the fundraiser simple to execute?
  • Is it something that can continue to provide beyond the initial drive and throughout the year?
  • Is it a product that folks really need?  
  • Most important, is it healthy?

Meals from Scratch’s Fresh Fundraising program is a turn key initiative with a win-win mission to offer convenient, delicious, healthy meal options for busy lifestyles with year round, hassle free fundraising potential. Meals from Scratch offers a wide range of individually portioned, frozen meals that cater to every dietary need from comfort food classics and kids meals to gluten free, diabetic friendly, heart healthy and vegan. So whether you are too busy to cook, looking to eat healthier, or dealing with a serious dietary restriction – Meals from Scratch is here to help.

We all have participated in fundraisers to one degree or another. I fondly recollect selling and consuming candy bars, cookies, magazine subscriptions, giant tins of multi-flavored popcorn (my favorite) and even fresh submarine sandwiches – back when that was a thing. In retrospect, few of these items serviced that much of a need, and ultimately represented a novelty or a snack food.

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Our meals come packaged in BPA free, dual ovenable containers that can be microwaved or prepared in the oven right out of the freezer. Nothing could be more convenient !

Meals from Scratch services the needs of a growing populace of individuals that are busier than ever and desperately seeking convenient, delicious, healthy foods for themselves and their families.  From our menu, a range of meals are available to accommodate most all tastes and lifestyles.  Click HERE to check out our meals, and use the list on left side of the screen to navigate to the type of meals you are interested in.  As you can see, we have meals that are Diabetic Friendly, Heart Healthy, Low Sodium, Gluten Free, Vegan.  We also have Kids meals as well as Weekly and Monthly Specials to keep things interesting !

For more information about Meals from Scratch’s Fresh Fundraising, Contact us at (937) 567-7850 or via email at

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