Molecular Ice Cream (in 5 min)

Matt Hayden

Yes, making Ice Cream with Liquid Nitrogen is a brazen method of preparation – certainly flashy. With that said, it is undeniably the fastest way to your rich and frosty end. On this segment of WDTN’s Living Dayton segment, I illustrate how it is done. ¬†You simply make a traditional vanilla ice cream base, refrigerate, add to mixer, slowly mix, add liquid nitrogen, add favorite ingredients. There is some scientific data to support the claim that this method yields a creamier ice cream: Due to the speed at which the liquid freezes, there is less pronounce formation of ice crystals – which yields a creamier mouth feel. If you are interested in obtaining more information about this recipe, molecular gastronomy or catering in general, don’t hesitate to contact us. Liquid Nitrogen courtesy of Weiler Welding – Enjoy !

Making ice cream on Living Dayton: