A Wedding Taste Test | Another Comforted Couple

Matt Hayden

Another taste test down…

I have never really questioned whether or not taste tests are standard practice in the industry – I have simply always offered them. ¬†They way I see it, why wouldn’t a “bride to be” not want to taste the food that they are going to serve to 300 of their closest friends and family ? I have often wondered why caterers would decline the opportunity to show your prospective client what wonders of the culinary world you are capable of summoning.

An added benefit to the taste taste is that you are able calm the restless spirit that is the “bride to be” – instilling her (and her mother) with the confidence to press on – knowing that the food is in good hands. In many cases I have the opportunity to facilitate, through the conduit of taste, some new conversations between two families that may not be terribly familiar with each other. Some times that is all it takes: A well seasoned, properly prepared meal to dredge up familiar, comforting memories.

It never ceases to amaze me how the dinner table can bridge gaps between folks like no other psychological mechanism in the arsenal of learned professionals. With all that said, give me a jingle and I will do my best to make you feel great about taking the next big step.

Matthew Hayden, Executive Chef