A Wedding Taste Test | Family Style | Italian

Matt Hayden
Scratch Food Homemade Lasagna

Simple. home cooked Italian food for this wedding was a must.

As a Wedding Caterer, the foods I prepare are the whim of my Clients.  If my clients say “We want Grilled Cheese Sandwiches”, I say “do you want them texas toast or regular ? american or cheddar ?  smushed or intact ?

To a large extent, my repertoire is dictated by the market and does not always line up with the dishes that I have a hankering’ to prepare.  So when a bride to be says she wants simple, elegant, farm to fork style Italian – I say “Well Chosen ! ”

People often compare cooking to a labor of love, or that love itself is an essential ingredient in great food. Well, as a Chef I can tell you definitively that there is a a good deal of truth behind those statements  – and when my personal cooking desires align with those of my client – the food is going to sing, i promise you. Last week I scheduled the taste taste with a young women and her fiance – family style, Italian inspired wedding fare. Here was the menu:

Home- made Parker House Yeast Rolls with a dash of flaky Fleur de Sel Salt

Fresh pasta with a simple, San Marzano Tomato Sauce and Grated Pecorino Romano

Free Range, Bone In Chicken Breast Braised with White Wine, Thyme, Lemon and Orange.

Vegetable Mashup of Baked Fingerling Potatoes, Sliced Fennel, Button Mushrooms and Wilted Kale with Parsley, Lemon and Honey

With a little tweaking, such as adding some Fresh Basil to the Sauce and Some Rosemary to the rolls – I think we are good to go !

(Not to mention the meal is going to be served Family Style which certainly adds to the intimacy of the reception)

Again – “Well Chosen”

Matthew Hayden, Scratch Event Catering