Matt Hayden
Boursin Cheeseburger Sliders

Boursin sliders anyone?

Without appearing insensitive to the misfortune of a young BTB (Bride to Be) that requested a taste test today….We prepared a number of slider selections for her to consider for her imminent wedding next August.  We collected a gaggle of exceptional sliders from which to choose from, including a Black and Blue Burger and A Chicken Parmesan with Fresh Mozzarella and Roasted Tomatoes.  However…Ultimately… in our eyes, and to our palates, there was one clear winner – the Candied Onion, Boursin Cheese and Bacon Burger.  The decadent, caramelized notes from the candied onions appear first, followed by the over the top mouth feel of the Boursin Cheese which melts away into the uber tender coleman ground chuck patty – followed eventually by smokey and sweet aromatics of the semi crisp bacon.  Each of these perfectly married flavor muses was delivered via a freshly baked DLM knotted dinner roll. I am sorry to hear that she was feeling well, and I wish her a speedy recovery.  With that said – I’m glad I ate her sliders.