A Brave New World

Matt Hayden

In Partnership


After over a year of development, Scratch is fast approaching the launch of its most ambitious endeavor to date.  With the growing need for an up-to-date model of nutrition, we embark towards a brave new world, where food and medicine cooperate like never before.  Faced with an epidemic of diseases attributed to and/or elevated by poor nutrition, Scratch is poised at the forefront of food revolution that has only just begun.  Despite a historic understanding of the benefits of  anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, flavonoids, superfoods, etc –  it was not until recent and shocking statistics of America’s health that the proverbial bell began to toll. Adorned with a dietary model free from traditional constraints, Scratch will count on its long established expertise in world flavor and knowledge of disease fighting foods to create the most nutritionally sound and utterly delicious meals available. Keep your eyes open as we unveil cutting edge resources to assist and educate .  Our goal is simple – impart food and knowledge FOR A BETTER LIFE. !