A Wedding Taste Test | A Beer Snob’s Heaven

Matt Hayden

Here I am again…. praising those gifted young individuals that have the courage to steer from the status quo in order to create a truly memorable menu for their special day. As it happens, this young couple celebrates life’s great and magical elixir – BEER. In collusion with these two brew¬†fanatics, we fermented a powerful concoction of appetizer pairings that do rightful justice to history’s oldest prepared beverage. ¬†Inspiration was in corner today – they loved everything – we decided that the wedding menu will be:

Spicy Turkey Dim Sum with Apple Hoisin Sauce

Triple Cream Brie Tartlets with Candied Myer Lemon Peel

Smoked Chicken Salad Profiteroles

Fried Potato Thangs with Warm Remoulade

Pumkin Spiced Sweet Potato Samosas with Butter Tamarind Sauce

Dark Pumpernickel Muffins with Spinach Dip Filling

Kielbasa, Potato and Sauerkraut Filled Egg Rolls with Bacon and Caraway Sweet and Sour Sauce

I have no doubt that this menu will make those craft beers SING ! ! !