Not just Fried Rice. Pan Fried Grains and Rice

Matt Hayden

Pan Fried Grains and Rice

It does no justice to this dish to call it simply “fried rice”.  In addition to traditional, fluffy Jasmine rice, our House Grains and Rice blend includes true wild rice as well as organic Red Quinoa and Green Lentils.  Why bother ?  The way we figure it, every component of your plate, even the humble rice represents an opportunity to upgrade the nutrition of your meal.  Without sacrificing a shred of flavor, we have now introduced a slew of desirable components to your daily intake. We have swapped out the simple starches in rice for some complex carbohydrates with a significantly lower glycemic index.  We have added fiber where there was none and therefore contributed to lowering your cholesterol and blood sugar.  With the addition of the Red Quinoa, we are giving you some plant based protein as well as adding zinc, phosphorous, magnesium and B vitamins.

In short, without too much work at your end, if you are eating our rice you may just be lowering your cholesterol and blood sugar; lowering your risk for Coronary Artery Disease as well as Cancer- and giving yourself a fighting chance of losing weight and fending off those irrepressible urges for carbs and sugar.

So when we say its not just Fried Rice…

We’re not kiddin