Finally… I can Eat

Matt Hayden

Chef Matt's Dinner #1

The real irony in being a Chef, and what so few people understand, is that despite my proximity to so many delicious foods, I rarely have the time to eat my own handiwork.  Often times I am relegated to some convenience food or I may not eat at all.  In my case, I have been working for well over a year developing foods that I believe represent a near perfect, nutrient dense diet.  And what do I do…send those meals off to my clients and eat a peanut butter sandwich. Well, I am here to say, now that we are going public with our new model of nutrition, I have an abundance of world inspired, nutrient dense meals to consume at every turn.  I breathe with a sign of relief knowing that my dietary fate is not in the hands of the broad line food industry, which will certainly kill me in the long run.

So, in case you are wondering, we are now selling our meals to anyone who is ready to have the burden of finding nutrition lifted.

Here are some circumstances that our brand of nutritional service will serve

Too busy to cook
Not knowledgeable enough to develop a well balanced, nutrient rich diet
Recovering from surgery
Type II Diabetes
Coronary Artery Disease
Assistance taking care of loved ones unable to prepare their own meals

If our meals seem like they are what you are looking for – check out our website – or send off an email

I would be happy to share our story with you and help you as best we can

In case you are wondering, the picture is off my dinner tonight.  White Beans, Corn, Sweet Potatoes and Kale seasoned with Fresh Thyme, Oregano and Basil. I added a little Sriracha hot sauce for a kick.  I feel great after eating it, as it is nutrient dense, low fat and low glycemic index.

Anyhoo, finally I can eat

Chef Matt
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