Masquerage 2013 – Stewardship

Matt Hayden

Over the years, our company been fortunate enough to be aligned with Dayton’s most outrageous and important party. Since 2007, I can consider myself in the company of many dedicated stewards of the great Masquerage ball held by Aids Resource Center Ohio . ┬áThe infamous party was conceived long before I came along and has been nurtured by a gaggle of altruistic, forwarded thinking, serial creatives since its inception circa 2000. The party is the official stomping ground of The Rubi Girls, a local troupe of philanthropic, gender redefining men that are the party’s impetus. It goes without saying that behind the scenes there is more culture available to witness that you would expect from such a little town. Every year I hope to take more pictures of our operation, but frankly we are too busy feeding the 800+ attendees or taking a break to witness the nonstop entertainment that could be anything really – Scantily Clad Go-Go Dancers, Puppets, Drag Queens, Contortionists, Carnival Style Knife Throwers, Aerialists (The Late Jose Angel Vera), Professional BDSM, etc….. Needless to say, we have been proud to be a part over the years – this is what we served this year:

Smoked Brisket Flatbread Pizza with Smoked Gouda and Brown Butter Sauce

Traditional Roma Style Flatbread Pizza

Sriracha Marinated Fried Chicken with Asian Slaw and Noodles

Belgian Waffle Triangles with Brie Butter, Meyer Lemon Syrup and Candied Pecans

Thai Noodles

Cupcakes spawned by Stephanie Napier and infused with Jagermeister, including:

Banana cupcake w vanilla buttercream and drizzled with a Jagermeister caramel sauce

Vanilla porter infused dark chocolate cake with a cinnamon chocolate mousse

Almond cupcake with honey cream cheese frosting and garnished with Barenjager soaked grilled peaches

In addition to our fare, this year’s Masquerage was also blessed by Red Ribbon eats from Salar, Sushi from Fusian and Coffee from Ghostlight Coffee.