Catering your Holiday Party (and Other Strange Correlations)

Matt Hayden

Lord knows I despise the premature observance of the Xmas holiday. This seasonal encroachment that has proliferated of late is intrusive at best – most people agree that even mentioning Xmas before Thanksgiving is straight up sacrilege. However, I have noticed that despite the ever present reminders of Xmas, folks are content to wait till the last minute to plan their Holiday Parties.

Here’s the thing: Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon does not simply swim through my front door when I whistle, begging to be marinated in Dark Rum and Smoked over Oak and Green Hickory for 4 hours – it takes time. The dozen or more individually prepared components of our elaborate, Mediterranean Grilled Crudites arrangements do not convene on our platters simply because we sent out a group text.

Being a designer based catering outfit like we are, we like to take a moment to chat with our clients and see what they really want to serve in their heart of hearts. We know that our clients really don’t want to throw down with a mass produced, god awful “shrimp tray” from KAY-ROGETS or perhaps that cut vegetable tray with a nice spritzing of Sodium Benzoate for your health. Ultimately, at Scratch EC there are countless directions to go and a menu for every situation. Here are a few suggestions:

Cutesy, bite-sized Holiday Apps like Lemon Brie Tartlets or Cranberry Brie Pastry Twists (they look like candy canes). Mini-Pumpernickel Muffins with Spinach Dip frosting (ode to spinach dip bread bowl 🙂 or Flash Fried Sweet Potato Balls with Whipped Cinnamon Butter.

Classy Rum Soaked, Hickory Smoked Salmon or Lake Trout (we also do variations like island spiced smoked grouper, buttery lemon and nutmeg smoked sable-fish) – served with all the traditional (and non-traditional) accompaniments like crostinis, cream cheese, capers, minced onion, remoulade, coarse mustard and even pickled quail eggs.

Casual Feeling with Upscale Taste like Bacon & Boursin Cheese Sliders with Prime Beef and Candied Onions on Toasted DLM Dinner Rolls. Smoked Brisket Flatbread Pizzas with Smoked Gouda and Brown Butter Sauce.

World Flavors that Satisfy Everyone like Spicy Turkey Dim-Sum served in heated bamboo steamer. Mediterranean (Medi-Eastern) platters with Warm Flatbread, Fresh Hummus, Dolmades, Caponata, Olives, Roasted Peppers…..

Vintage Foods like Duck a l’orange, Beef Wellington, German Chocolate Cake, Chicken Tetrazinni, Beef Stroganoff, Bourbon Balls, Mini Bundt Cakes, Crepes…

Light and Inventive  like individual sized Aphrodite Salads in contemporary Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses with Poached Pears, Strawberries, Candied Almonds with a Vintage Creamy Sweet Cider Dressing or Smoked Chicken Salad served in French Pastry Profiteroles with Candied Onion Garnish.

Cutting Edge Creative, Interactive Stations, Mobile Kitchen, Demonstrations there really isn’t any limit to where we can go with this, example: we are happy to formulate your own special designer soda pop flavor and label them for you.  We were also among the first in Dayton to accept Liquid Nitrogen into our kitchen – as a result we makes some of the creamiest, unique, designer ice cream flavors in Dayton – in less that 30 seconds ! We can also demonstrated Molecular Gastronomy Techniques like spherification, gelification and general forms of food illusion 🙂

As you can see, for those who want to lay down a memorable spread, there are many options. 

Send us an email, or give us a call (937)567-7850 – we will make it easy for you.

We look forward to hearing from you