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Matt Hayden

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For many years we have preached a mantra of memorable food, instructing our clients to tune out the lure of easy, standardized boredom in favor of thoughtful, unforgettable meals. As our catering capabilities have grown, and with the addition of new talent, we have hit our stride – creating one unforgettable meal after another to gushing reviews. Until now, we have only made this intimate, in home dining experience known to charities who auction off our “dream dinners” to the highest bidder at their exclusive fundraisers. What would constitute an unforgettable meal you ask ? After a face to face meeting, we put together a culinary sketch of our client’s ideal dining experience – then we achieve it. Leading up to the event, we research, rehearse and verify each and every aspect – often making each and every element from scratch – down to the bread, butter, pastries, pasta, soda, ice cream, etc.. Whats your unforgettable meal ? Brazilian Churrasco, Chinese Dim Sum, Pavlova, Cowboy Ribeyes, Golden Age Tableside Service,
Beignets, Etouffee, Soda Jerk Phosphates ?


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Scratch Event Catering is Dayton’s Best Catering Company, providing designer menus and tailor-made service. Were take time to chat with our clients and see what they really want. We do not bore our clients with standardized menus of institutional fare.