Catering Trends & Wedding Trends: 2014 has heart.

Matt Hayden

Victorian Bride2014 is alive and demanding our full attention. Catering trends and wedding trends for the year send us reeling and leave us full of sentiment(and great food!).

She’s an elegant lady, demanding an old world look and feel with a couple contemporary updates to keep the heart and mind stimulated. She understands the subtle touches and need for personal connection, but wants to still stand on her own unique feet. She’s a local girl, with tastes that speak of a wild imagination and a big heart. She’s a bride, but her perfect day is all about creating your perfect day.

I.) This year wedding trends have a grande allure, that is balanced by this year grass roots catering trends. It’s about:

  • thank you gifts on your guest’s hotel pillow
  • small but personal invitations they received
  • using the food to intrigue the palette the same way your wedding intrigues the heart
  • Spicing things up, because it mirrors that warm feeling weddings leaves in your chest

II.)It’s all about how dynamic and multifaceted you are, especially when it comes to the details.┬áDetails are less about the polish and more about the experience:

  • artisan family style dinner service, with dynamic aesthetics and inspired flavors
  • music that enhances your theme and elevates the setting
  • Popular music is in, but a genre twisted cover is setting the standard(Think orchestral covers of your favorite Bon Iver song)

III.) The food itself becomes a marriage of flavors. Excite the taste buds with interesting and unique flavors. Make the choices that dare your Chef, they love a good challenge. With your catering ask for things like:

  • locally sourced meats and locally grown produce
  • interesting flavor profiles, that reflect cultures that define you
  • healthy kids options
  • nutritious, but inclusive selections a.k.a. vegetarian and gluten free cuisine
  • farm branded items, and sustainable seafood

IV.) Whatever the theme, remember the venue holds just as much weight as the food. Look for:

  • Unique and elegant spaces with a built in air of warmth
  • rooms that offer multiple lighting options, they’ll help you create the mood
  • halls and venues that exude character
  • rooms that can be easily flipped to host both the service and the reception

V.) The memories your guest take away are just as important as yours.

  • create items with personalized goodbyes, even for the guest you don’t know
  • skip the guest book for a more fun, creative ways of sharing in the memory
  • give them a reason to contact you again, so together you can relish in the experience
  • direct your friends and loved ones to the companies that made your day a hit

Here at Scratch, we understand the importance of a seamless, beautiful day. Especially when it’s your day. We will be there start to finish, and help any way we can. From linens to venue selections, we are fully prepared to walk you down the isle. We’ll start with your menu ideas, move on to your free taste test, and then stand with you until we have to hand you off.

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