Cooking with Dad

Matt Hayden

It has been quite a spell since I lived at home, and despite the innate desire of a young adult to get the hell out of dodge, there are some things I certainly miss. Other than the occasional sandwich making, I think there was an arrangement that Dad was not permitted to use the kitchen except on Sundays.  Depending on the time of year, current weather patterns or general level of ambition, Sundays might be Soup Day, Breakfast Day, Cookout Day, Experiment with Foreign Food Day or Compose Menus from Leftovers Day. My mom (God rest her soul) would probably disagree as to the level of contribution and skill from me and my Dad back in the day Рbut the entrepreneurial spirit was there regardless  Рand that spirit is still alive and well today.

Completely unscheduled, as is our way РDad and I got together this morning to put together some eats for a party he is having later this afternoon.  Everything came out perfectly and we had a pleasant morning puttering around my kitchen as if it was his kitchen back in 1980.

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