A Long Forgotten Idea : Fish at its Best

Matt Hayden

Fish en Papillote

Over the years we have seen our client’s idea of upscale food change from simple crab cakes and filet to world flavors and delicate, complex preparations.  At Scratch Event Catering we couldn’t be more happy with this shift: we applaud the new, young epicures for the courage to make a gastronomic stand with the most memorable events in their lives.  In this case, our client was looking for a fish preparation that would SING. You see, at all catered events, especially weddings I’ve been to over the years, the fish course was an afterthought – a flaccid, pale protein devoid of inspiration.  It is a catering conundrum that exists:  caterers want to indulge their clients’ wishes, and there are plenty of clients that love fish.  The problem is that traveling with such a delicate product is often disastrous – yet caterers continue to do it again and again.   After some thought, we concluded that we could give our young client what he was looking for: Poisson en Papilote ! What is this fancy and foreign dish, you might be asking?  An over-simplified explanation would be fish and ingredients such as spring vegetables, herbs, and compound butters cooked in parchment. However, we rarely do things the simple way.

Fish en Papillote

Cooking “en papillote” is used in dozens of countries and cultures all around the world. We choose this method not only for its unique appearance, but also for its ability to create and maintain a superior dish.  The ingredients placed inside the parchment release steam as they begin to heat. This steam gently cooks the fish and allows the various flavors to marry together. The final result is an incredibly delicate and flavorful meal that appeals to senses like no other.


Needless to say, the fish was perfect – both our client and our Chefs were ecstatic with the result. We look forward to serving an unforgettable menu for our client’s wedding. In case you’re wondering what this last picture is – we needed to hedge our bet to ensure that our client was happy.  We seared and butter poached a fresh piece of Mahi, adorning it with a Gooseberry and Black Walnut Jam. Thanks to Foremost Seafood for always providing us with the best fish!


Scratch Events, for Unforgettable Food

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