EPIC SUCCESS FOR SICSA | What an Evening !

Matt Hayden

IMG_5486 Anne at Boil the boil bucket



Simply put, in all our years of catering, no client of ours has ever had the nerve to serve a Seafood Boil to their guests. Despite the fact that most travelled folks look forward with great anticipation to such a communal and grandiose feast, the logistics of executing such an event presents considerations that makes it a risky choice.  After all, who wants to eat food with their hands, clawing at the shells of whole shrimp to give up their bounty, leaving your hands coated in spice and a salty liquor of the sea. Whats up with this aversion ?  At the risk of sounding Wikipedia-ish, every culture of the world has a seafood boil in some form or another: New Orleans folks have it, Maine and New England folks have it, French folks have Bouillabaisse, and Brazilians have Moqueca – Vietnamese, Thai, Philippinos and Malaysians have Seafood Hot Pots.

What is our point ?  The seafood boil in all its glorious permutations is a source of communal joy for innumerable cultures on this planet.  Pristine, clean hands be damned – picking through spicy shrimp, corn and potatoes is a primal satisfaction that represents comfort food to the nth degree – and who better to be the first in town to guide the dubious masses than our own Chef Anne Kearney of Rue Dumaine.  Hats off to SICSA and Nora Vondrell (Executive Director) for having the chutzpah to exploit one of Dayton’s great culinary assets with a pedigree steeped in New Orleans fare.

The Stompers Nora Dear

For those of you you who couldn’t attend, the Event was sublime, a perfect evening:  The air was thick with a blend of New Orleans Sounds and Smells.  The spicy, well seasoned boil pots billowed aromatic plumes across Benhams Grove and the Classic Jazz Stompers contributed swinging dixieland notes to the ether. At the end, we couldn’t help but feeling that this evening was truly memorable, if not unforgettable.

Anne and Matt

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