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Matt Hayden

From the beginning, Scratch Events has been characterized by creative food to suit any request – from exotic and authentic world cuisine to themed meals that reflect our clients whimsical desires.  We have created menus for such interests as: Steampunk, Medieval Fantasy, Star Wars, Revolutionary Period, Science inspired Molecular Gastronomy, Mad Men, Victorian, Western Cowboy, the list goes on….

Over the years we have worked with countless organizations, businesses and non-profits.  With regards to sheer creativity, there is one that stands out above the rest: The Zoot Theatre Company – Dayton’s own Puppet Company and much more.  I say much more, because it is difficult to sum up the breadth of Zoot with one concise moniker.  If I had to describe them, I might call them Engineers of Subconscious Manifestation or perhaps, Ad Lib Mythologicists or maybe even Archetypal Folklorians.  Whatever you call them, they are heavy into Creativity.

Zoot 3Zoot 1

Since we first heard of Zoot, we had been looking for the opportunity to work with them.  Last year, that opportunity came knocking.  Through a mutual friend we were introduce to Bob Parks, CEO of The Marketing Formula.  Mr Parks had the idea to have an appreciation luncheon for his friends at CareSource. He wanted a luncheon like no other. Mr Parks indicated that our distinguished guests from CareSource had been treated to many memorable lunches over the years, and he was looking set the bar even higher this time around.  It didnt take long for us to conclude that Zoot Theatre Company would foot that bill.  Within minutes of running the idea by Tristan Cupp, Artistic Director of Zoot Theatre Company, we concluded that a lunch served outside the boundaries of the real world would be called for.  This is what we came up with:

For a day, the Zoot Studio would be transformed into the Zoot Cafe, and Chef Matthew Hayden, owner of Scratch Events would be the new hire, his fist day as line cook for Zoot Cafe.  Chef Hayden proceeded to be publicly harassed by the Executive Chef Puppet at Zoot.  The Piano Player Puppet who took requests from our honored guests informed them after soliciting requests, that he would only play Billy Joel’s Piano Man.  Needless to say the Piano Player continued to ask for requests over and over. After the first course, the CareSource crowd was abruptly interrupted by the Puppet Executive Chef chasing the next course around the studio. The CareSource crowd was entertained between courses by a racy songstress Lucy (from Avenue Q) and oft times had to tolerate the raucous, inebriated conversations from the Cafe’s only other table of guests – The drunk Trolls.

Needless to say, the upscale menu of Duck A’Lorange followed by Blackberry Gelato (prepared table-side with Liquid Nitrogen) was upstaged by the improvisational talent of Zoot’s deft actors and otherworldly puppet creations.  The event was unanimously a success and would not soon be forgotten.

Zoot 4Zoot 2

The time has come again for Scratch to partner with Zoot. This time, it will not be for the benefit of a group of unsuspecting diners – but for the Zoot Theatre Company themselves.  This Friday will be Zoot’s first fundraiser to date, and will be held at the Dayton Visual Arts Center from 6-9 pm.  The event, called Reboot Zoot will go something like this:  The cast of Sleepy Hollow, Zoot’s first show of the season, will perform an excerpt from the play, you can have your picture taken in a photo booth with a Zoot puppet and they will  also be kicking off their online auction. You can sign up at the kickoff and bid for your very own Zoot puppet! Even auctioneer Tim Lile will be getting into the action by auctioning off one of Zoot’s beautiful kinetic sculptures during the evening. Come and mingle for an hour or more among Zoot supporters and puppets! It’s going to be an exciting and original party! 

So if you are interested in kicking doff your weekend with a fictional, mythological, fatastical, otherworldly experience – This is the place to be.  For more information, or to buy tickets – click HERE

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