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Matt Hayden

PRG Crowd 1

It has been well over a month since Scratch contributed to The Pink Ribbon Girls IGNITE DAYTON fundraiser in the awe inspiring UD ARENA on October 11th 2014. We often hear the Pink Ribbon Girls say that we are their official Chefs, and we consider ourselves blessed to have this mission bestowed on us. The Pink Ribbon Girls have a big place in our heart, as they do with countless other individuals, families and organizations.

The Voice of the Pink Ribbon Girls resonates clearly with everyone, prevailing over other priorities. They are the voice of our loved ones: our Mothers and Sisters, our Aunts and our beloved friends.  Because they are the champions for our loved ones, they deserve our best performance – our very best.

You could have heard a pin drop in UD ARENA over the nearly 500 supporters, when the Pink Ribbon Girls spoke about their mission to help ease the minds of individuals and families affected by breast cancer with direct services and support. Guests welled up and clutched their loved ones when Debra and Jason Lester spoke of how Pink Ribbon Girls helped them maintain something constant in the roller coaster ride of breast cancer treatment. Take a moment to view this short inspirational documentary.

It was amazing to witness the outpouring of community support as their cutting edge Textathon, (that was televised in real-time high above the arena) raised nearly $60,000 in less than 10 minutes !

Later that evening, the somber tone gave way to a singular performance from one of the regions most talented bands (We heard later that this was their public performance since forming earlier that month).  The Donny Reis Band absolutely nailed it and brought the crowd to its feet.

The PRG Band 1

A BIG Thanks to Kelley Andary and her pink clad warriors for taking care of the front of the house service.  They made serving 500 look easy and beautiful !

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