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Matt Hayden

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I’m thrilled to be sharing part of my wedding journey as Scratch Events first bride-to-be blogger! I can’t say catering is the most important part of our day (though secretly, to  me  it  is)  but  it’s  definitely  the  tastiest!  You shouldn’t expect anything less from a foodie.

Here’s  the  thing,  hailing  from  New  Jersey,  I  think  many  would  expect  a  different  wedding  than  the  one  that  I’ve  been  dreaming  about. I’ve been swooning for months about all the spectacular details of our very unique rustic wedding.  A  scenic  authentic  barn  venue  set  on  an  Ohio  Farm  surrounded  by  trees  draped  in  fall’s  beauty.  A celebration of both our love and local love, our wedding promises to make hearts flutter while the leaves and petals fall.

Our  theme  of  local  love  and  my  taste  for  Southern  Charm  lead  me  right  to  Chef  Matthew  Hayden.  Undoubtedly, his reputation for preparing meals with a unique blend of flavors and his distinct style of cooking are what drew me in. I sort of knew what I was in store for but now I know I really didn’t.

A few years ago I took a trip to Savannah that rocked my pallet. THE FOOD. If ever you want a taste of the south that’s spiritual, you need to get Georgia on your mind. I’ve remembered my visit quite a few times while planning for our wedding. From the  whimsical  trees  and  gorgeous  blooms,  to  the  charm  and  cuisine  that  captured  my  heart,  I’ve daydreamed  about  giving  my  guests  those  very  same  feelings  I  had  while on my trip.

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Southern Charm with A Twist

My  first  session  or  introduction  to  Chef  Matt and Scratch Events happened  by  chance  before  our  appointment.  At Prime Time Rentals Bridal Show, he wooed me in with Pork Belly Sliders and a warm smile. One taste of those sliders and I knew this guy was for real. I’d  also  been  to  several  events  out  and  about  while  around  in  Dayton  where  his  unforgettable  food  was  on  the  menu  but  after  our  encounter  at  the  bridal  show,  I  found myself even more excited to meet with him about our wedding!

At our “official” meeting, Chef Matt had lunch prepared for me which I suspect was an extra measure to win me over. If so, his plan worked. It  started  with  “Memas  Salad”, a  blend  of  romaine lettuce and  colorful  greens,  candied  nuts,  shaved  red  onions,  sliced strawberries and a magical dressing you’ll have to just taste for yourself. The romance continued with Shrimp and Grits then Petit Chicken and Waffles. I mean he had me at the salad, frankly.

Every bride is different and loves something more than anything about the planning of their wedding; the invites, the flowers, the music. For  me  it’s  definitely  been  daydreaming  about  Savannah  and  having  a  menu  like  no  other. Today Chef Matt sent me the first pass at our menu and I can’t even express how excited I am! I also can’t tell you what he’s got planned. Not yet anyway.

John  and  I  have  a  very  special  and  unique  day  planned.  Every  detail  is  authentic,  from the vintage doilies and lace, antique milk glass and mason jars, we  have  truly  created  an  experience  of  Southern  Charm  that  I  could  have  never imagined. Our love for  Dayton  and  the  city’s  entrepreneurial  spirit  has  kept  us  working  with  only  vendors  from  the  region,  a  compiled  list  of  some  of  the  most  talented  people  I’ve  ever  met.    All  of  this  aside,  I  can’t  help  but  be  overwhelmed  with  excitement  to  work  with  Chef  Matt  and the staff at Scratch Events on some unforgettable food for our reception  and cannot wait to share all the details from our final menu to sharing our day with his amazing staff!

– Shana D, Bride-To-Be

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