DIY Country Chic Wedding | Barns and Chalkboards

Matt Hayden

Pinterest has definitely changed the game when it comes to planning a wedding. For the crafty and DIY hopefuls like myself, there is a myriad of creative and fun country chic wedding ideas that I would likely never think of on my own.  It has its negatives though. For one, if you’re anything like me you can never finalize a list of ideas and stick to it because every day there’s some new darling idea you just have to have!

I recently spent a day with my future Husband and Matron of Honor sorting out these ideas and working on the most loved ones.  If you’re interested in saving a few dollars on the big day and planning a shabby chic, country chic, barn or rustic wedding you might love these ideas! In one day we were able to work nearly everything for the reception with a few unplanned personal touches that I am swooning over.

Whether you’re looking to save a little on decor or just have want to have a few unique pieces to add to your day, here are a few ideas worth trying! Some charming rustic flair, in combination with our local Dayton wedding catering from Scratch Events, has me even more excited for this special day!

Rustic Wedding DIY Ideas


  • Menus
  • Table Numbers
  • Quotes & Musings
  • Cake / Dessert Stands
  • Personalized Décor

What you’ll need

  • Old Picture Frames
  • Chalkboard Spray Paint
  • Clear Coat / Sealant
  • Wedding Accent Color Spray Paints
  • Chalk Pens


Chalkboards are always the perfect touch to a rustic wedding but can be expensive to buy pre-made in craft stores. If this flair is in your vision, make your own to save big!

  1. Start thrift shopping! For the most part everything in our wedding has been purchased second hand and repurposed for our wedding. Thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are gold minds, but your local shops are also a source of hidden treasures. Looks for old photo frames, large and small with glass still intact. You can usually find some great frames with texture that look amazing when repainted.
  2. With painters tape surround, line the glass to protect it while spraying the borders. Antique white or ivory is a great color for a shabby chic feel. For a really rustic look, you might also use a crackle paint to give your frames a vintage, distressed feel. Once the frames are dry, remove the tape and then reline the inner edges before painting your glass. Once the border is protected spray glass with chalkboard paint. Use the chalkboard spray over crafting paint for best results.
  3. Once completely dry, remove tape and spray boards with sealant. Once dry use your chalk pen to writing your messages. If you have a steady hand and nice penmanship go for it, but there are also stencils you can use. If you make a mistake you can also re do them.

Here’s a look at some of the amazing boards my Matron of Honor created. Girl’s got skills!

You can use your supplies for little items like table signs too! I picked these up at Michaels. Pro tip: if you’re planning a rustic wedding and shopping at stores like JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels, make sure to check for coupons online. Big savings on all your supplies plus enough burlap for life.


A variety of cakes and dessert trays are usually provided by your wedding caterer or venue. If you’re looking for ideas to personalize your wedding, these elements are a great opportunity.  I’m thrilled that Scratch Events has been so flexible in helping us really run with our creative dessert ideas! While our wedding cake will take center stage, our “Made With Love” dessert station will feature family recipes and regional faves we love.  I wanted it to feel like home. Earlier in the year I picked up some beautiful antique dessert trays and pie plates. Most are milk glass, silver and some crystal giving the table a truly vintage wedding feel. Our accent color is gold with little pops of it through out the décor. I decided to give one cake stand a new gold covering to really stand out on the table!

The feeling you get from creating things just for your day is so special! There really are so many ideas, it’s important to just settle on a few ones you love so that you don’t get overwhelmed. It is the unique touches, from the wedding decor to the unforgettable wedding catering, that will make your day that much more memorable.

For a menu and catering to best suit your country chic dreams, Scratch Events has been a joy to work with! We have been working closely with their staff and Chef Matthew to design a menu (or should I say feast).  Check out their online menus HERE to grab even more inspiration !