Meals From Scratch

Prepared Meals Delivered

Nutritious meals are important to maintaining your health. The world is moving at increasing speeds, and sometimes making a delicious, nourishing dinner or lunch seems like a luxury. There are some people with illnesses like cancer and Diabetes who require nutrient dense foods to help them battle their disease. The chefs and staff at Meals from Scratch understand this, and have worked to develop easy to prepare meals that can be delivered straight to you home.

We have worked with local medical staff to ensure that Meals from Scratch’s pre-packaged, healthy meals are the proper portion size and nutritionally balanced. They are easy to make, and provide people with ailments or other dietary restrictions the peace of mind they always have a quick, well balanced meal available.

Nutrition is not the only important part of a great meal; it has to be delicious as well! The culinary creative team has worked hard to develop food that is flavorful AND healthy. Whether you are looking for comforting Homestyle Meatloaf with Macaroni and Cheese or global flavors like Black Cherry Teriyaki Chicken with Grains and Rice Blend, we have your tastes covered. No matter what scenario we encounter, our policy of UNFORGETTABLE FOOD carries through!

Our innovative kitchen is conveniently located Dayton, Ohio. This centralized location allows for quick and convenient delivery across the Miami Valley, Cincinnati, and Columbus. We will not only provide delicious, nutrient dense meals to your home, we will help educate you on how eat healthier.

To begin delivery call 937-567-7850 or go to our CONTACT US page to send us an email.

Meals from Scratch is Southwest Ohio’s Distributor of Nutritious Prepared Meals!