Our Commitment to Healthy Food Solutions

Our mission is to provide our clients with convenient, delicious, diet specific meal solutions. The Meals from Scratch program is ideal for healthy lifestyles, overburdened circumstances and disease state mitigation.

Meals from Scratch are an ideal solution for caregivers as well as those seeking heart healthy and diabetic friendly options. Our quick iteration process allows us to address virtually any dietary restriction or model from cancer fighting foods to wound healing and general outpatient recovery.

Our Capabilities

The Food

First and foremost, Meals from Scratch is a food-forward company. Delicious food is at the core of our model – without it, a healthy diet is simply not sustainable. Meals from Scratch boasts two of the region’s most competent Executive Chefs with nearly 40 years of experience in fine dining. Meals from Scratch, as its name suggests, makes all of its meals “from scratch”, never re-packaging prepared foods as is the industry standard.

The Nutrition

Many of Meals from Scratch’s nutrient dense selection of meals meet the dietary requirements of the American Diabetes Association, The American Heart Foundation and The American Cancer Society. Our meals have been approved by local doctors as well as registered dietitians.

The Kitchen

Meals from Scratch is one of the few kitchens in Ohio that is licensed by the Ohio Deptartment of Agriculture HACCP Meat and Vegetable Inspection. This means that our kitchen is held to the highest standards of hygiene and state compliance.  Some of our clients have compromised immune systems, making this level of hygiene 100% necessary

Our Partners and Clients

The Pink Ribbon Girls (Non-Profit) are literally our reason for being.  In January of 2012, Meals from Scratch (a division of Scratch Foods) was created to provide meals to the recipients of PRG’s direct support services.  In our three year partnership, we have grown to manufacturing and delivering nearly 1000 meals a week.

The Bull Diabetes Center Meals from Scratch worked closely with the Bull Family Diabetes Center to design a diet specific menu for their clients. We provide a convenient solution that is delicious and diabetic friendly.


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